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The Conquest of the South Pole recording (1) : 08:23

As with before, I’d advise anyone who’s planning to see the play not to listen to this. MAJOR SPOILERS. I wouldn’t want to taint your experiences.

I got the idea to do this from Apple, from when she went to see Mistermen in New York. Because, like her, I’m a fucking criminal.

This is a recording from the first scene. You can hear Andrew’s first words (“Hey. [something inaudible] Moose doesn’t want to spoil your fun, but he says this: ‘put the curtain back’!”) at around 02:30

To guide you on which voice belongs to which character/actor:

First to speak: Slupianek (O-T Fagbenle)

Second to speak: Buscher (Mark Field)

Third to speak: Braukmann (Sam Crane)

And last: Seiffert the Moose of Herne (Andrew)