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Travelling Light recording (2) : 24:06

Same as with my The Conquest of the South Pole recording:


As with before, I’d advise anyone who’s planning to see the play not to listen to this. MAJOR SPOILERS. I wouldn’t want to taint your experiences.

I got the idea to do this from Apple, from when she went to see Mistermen in New York. Because, like her, I’m a fucking criminal.

This is from the first half. Motl and his new assistant Anna are working on ways to make the film more interesting. The inhabitants give their opinions on it. Motl/Damien gets very shrieky and hilarious over that. The idea of a feature film comes up. As well as a love triangle.

I’m sorry the sound fades in and out. This is due to actors moving towards and away from me. Also sorry about the audience laughing, which clouds the dialogue at times. But I can’t complain. I was doing something illegit anyway, haha.

Molony fans will be able to pick up his voice, I hope.

I cannot stress this enough - again, if you’re going to see the play or even planning to, DON’T LISTEN TO THIS. It will completely spoil your experience of watching the play if you do! I only put this up for people who know for certain they can’t go to see Travelling Light.

Here’s the one I put up before featuring Damien’s Brooklyn accent.

Here’s the one I put up last night featuring Anna’s first scene and meeting with Motl.

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