properlydead looks like a hipster blog URL tbh

Thank you. And to think Cutler looked closer to being a hipster blogger, but it’s actually Hal.

Yes! Mr I’ve-Never-Been-Bed-At-Anything. So please Alex show me your ways of how to fuck up, cos it’s not like I screwed up a supernatural ritual and gave the devil human form.

OH GOD. I’ve just thought, now that Being Human is over, I can’t justify my random moments of going on anon and sending you messages as Hal D:

That was you?! Lmao it’s taken me a whole year to find out that was you all along!

No, but ‘Hal’ is always welcome to send me messages ;) I especially liked it when he tried to woo me.

  1. zombieknickers said: Haha, yes, it was me! I thought you knew! Damn, I shouldn’t have said anything and just carried it on forever.
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